General Rules For Parent’s & Students

• Every Child is to follow all the disciplinary rules of the institution the school decorum.
• Students must be punctual in all their activities.
• They should attend the morning assembly.
• Late comers will not be allowed to inter the class without the principal’s permission.
• Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed to enter the class.
• Wearing of jewellery is forbidden, Nails should be trimmed.
• The school does not take any responsibility for the loss of books, watches, money and so on.
• Each child is responsible for his/her own belongings.
• The child will not be allowed to leave the school on any condition during school hours.
• The principal is liable to rusticate the student whose conduct in not good.

• As per the rules, Principal has right to delete the name of the student if fee is not paid in time.

Parent- Teacher Meeting (PTM)

“Abalone Public School” gives weightage to parents Teacher meetings which constitute an important bridge between the school and the parents PTM are held every month to promote effective interaction and mutual understanding. The Participation of parents is a must and any absence is not seen with equanimity except in serious exigencies.

Parents School Relationship

The parents are joint Educators with school. They must co-operate and participate in every function, be positive to wards child’s performance in school and share a total sense of fraternity with the school authorities.

1 - Know your child’s strengths and weakness.
2 - Be a positive person at home.
3 - Provide supportive conditions at home for learning.
4 - Your enthusiasm can motivate learning at home.
5 - Set realistic goals for your child.
6 - Monitor your child’s home work.
7 - Emphasize the importance of effort, hard work.
8 - Increase regularly in work and attendance.
9 - Most important, be around when your child needs you.

Disciplinary Rules

1 - The name of the student will be stuck off the register on the continuous absence of three days if pre-information is not given.
2 - The student will be re-admitted only on the recommendation of the prinncipal after depositing the re-admission fee.
3 - Mid day leave will not be issued , but in special circumstances leave will be granted on the arrival of the guardian.
4 - The student will be allowed to sit in the class only on coming to school in complete School uniform.
5 - The student must present himself in the School on the fixed time.
6 - The student may be sent back on coming late or having incompleted uniform.

• According to need, the School Board of Governors will have full authority to change the rules.
• School officials are reserved is right to cause any change in rules and regulations on the intrusctions of affiliation Board.