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Welcome To Abalone Public School

Abalone Public School, is a premier school of Nighsan and also in Kheri District and is an institution of choice for students with different talents and abilities. The school has a firm tradition and reputation for providing students with a strong foundation and serves as a springboard to launch students into the best of universities in India and abroad. We focus on developing in youngsters the ability to think critically and compassionately, to uphold moral values and principles that build character, to do nothing in half measures but to give their 100% to all they do - all valuable skills and characteristics in preparation for the complexities of a globalised world. We aim to provide a holistic education that nurtures intellect, fires the imagination and develops character.
Abalone Public School is a child centric, warm and wonderful place to study, learn and grow in. We warmly welcome you to be a part of the extended APS family that is strongly based on values and is yet modern in its outlook.

R.K. Kashyap

The Abalone

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    Abalone Students

    At the Abalone, we believe that every student is unique and we nurture that uniqueness – through a stimulating environment that breeds curiosity, freedom and encouragement to pursue passion, practice of self-reflection to know where their sense of meaning and mastery comes from, and a plethora of opportunities leads to acquisition of skills and capacities to fulfil that dream and also to flourish in this constantly emerging interconnected world.
    The Abalone Child learns to look at the world from many different perspectives, through the language and nuances of different subjects integrated together and through the context of real world interests, needs and challenges.

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    Abalone Teachers

    Promoting a learning culture and one of inquiry and questioning begins with teachers who then translate it to listening to all points of view of students, working productively and at ease with different perspectives and engaging the disengaged. Our teachers undergo experiences and reflect, self-appraise and analyse their own learning styles to empathise with and nurture the same development among students. The cultural shift that teachers at Heritage experience, from being told what to do to creating a safe space for them to innovate and bring in their own uniqueness translates into the classroom with the focus shifting from managing classroom behaviour to fostering motivation.

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    Abalone Parents

    As a Heritage parent, you play a vital role in the holistic education of your child as well as in this community you are a part of. Parents-as-partners is a philosophy that manifests itself in various active roles that parents play – chaperons on field trips, subject experts, guest lecturers, storytelling volunteers, tradition imparting grandparents – thereby integrating them into all aspects of the curriculum, classroom and beyond. A genuine commitment to form a partnership between school and parents through dialogue and mutual respect stems from the strong belief that the relationship of these two major institutions – school and home – in a child’s life is essential for success and growth of the child.